Stamped Concrete Service in Portland, Oregon

At Concrete Staining LLC, we provide those living in the greater Portland, Oregon, area with stamped concrete services. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor concrete stamping, there is no better option than Concrete Staining LLC. With stamped concrete, there are endless possibilities and very affordable options. Whether you want to mimic brick on a concrete outdoor patio or mimic tiling in a basement, we can do it all.  

Types of Concrete Stamping 

Walkways, Driveways, and Patios: We can provide you with the exact look you want; our coloring techniques and stamping styles allow us to give you a rustic or modernized look on your home’s outdoor features.

Home Interiors and Basements: Instead of paying for flooring or carpet in your unfinished basement, we can provide you with stamped concrete services by pouring a level of concrete and creating a tiling look, mimicking hardwood features, and more for much cheaper than traditional flooring options. 

Pool Decks, Borders, Coping, and More: Instead of having a basic concrete inground pool, Concrete Staining LLC can provide you with eye-catching stamped concrete in the form of modern tiling around the pool, rustic brick coping, and many more available options; you tell us your dream pool area, and we can stamp it.  

Outdoor Fireplaces and Firepits: Rather than paying the money for materials and labor to build a fireplace or a firepit brick by brick, you can contract Concrete Staining LLC to pour a patio as well as a fireplace and stamp it with a brick look or a rustic marble mimic. Get a high-quality look for an affordable price with concrete stamping. 

For more information on our stamped concrete services, we invite you to contact us today.  If you’re ready to get stamped concrete indoors or outdoors, a member of the Concrete Staining LLC team will gladly set up an appointment with you. 

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