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What To Know Before Staining Concrete Floors

What To Know Before Staining Concrete Floors

Concrete is a beautiful surface when treated with the right coatings. However, many people aren’t aware of its potential beyond the classic matte gray appearance. If you want to refurbish your flooring, here is what to know before staining concrete floors.

Know What To Expect

The concrete staining process can take several days, so you should know what to expect every step of the way. Work with your staining experts to plan out how you will accomplish the task and ask to see a sample of the finished product. The last thing you want to do is choose a concrete stain that appears different than how it looked in images. Set reasonable expectations, and you can welcome the new flooring with positivity.

Research the Best Products and Services

You want to know the best brands and services in the industry before staining your floors. You should have a clear idea of all the floor stain options before making your final selection. From color to texture to quality, factor in these aspects during your research. You should also check how the available services match your specific needs. The concrete staining process will vary if you stain a restaurant floor versus a residential floor. From garages to patios to basements, you can transform neutral concrete into beautiful floors with the proper methods.

Prepare the Entire Surface

Many people assume that a service will prepare the surface for them, so they neglect to do it themselves before staining their floors. Our floors are often dirtier than we realize, and it is critical to clean them thoroughly before applying a stain or coat. Just like painting over dusty walls creates small paint balls, staining a dirty concrete floor will result in an uneven surface. Mop your floor and allow it to dry before applying any stain.

Equip yourself with what to know before staining concrete floors. That way, you don’t needlessly repeat the process due to a lack of insight. If you need concrete staining in Portland, Oregon, reach out to our team at Concrete Staining today!

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