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What Is a Reactive Concrete Stain?

What is a reactive concrete stain? We’ve all seen concrete floors, but did you know that concrete isn’t just a gray, smooth surface? You can actually do so much more with it. Concrete is a versatile surface with many staining and coating options that work perfectly in any room of your home. Here is a quick overview of reactive concrete staining and why you should use it.

What Is Concrete Staining?

Concrete is famous for its quick-drying, dense surface, and it’s a common flooring type for everything from basements to garages to art studios. This bare, matte material can become so much more with staining. Concrete staining is a process in which professionals pour a special compound onto the concrete to alter its appearance. Staining allows you to keep an originally gray concrete floor and turn it into something truly one-of-a-kind.

What Is a Reactive Concrete Stain?

There are many types of concrete stains—reactive stains among them. Reactive stains differ from others in that they chemically change the concrete surface, penetrating deep through the first layer and creating permanent alterations. The reactive process produces variegated coloring effects, making each pour unique. In effect, reactive concrete staining turns your concrete floors into functional art. You can choose from several colors, but the resulting patterning is inimitable.

How Can You Use It?

You can use reactive concrete stains in any commercial or residential building. If you have concrete floors in your home and you’re looking to add an artistic flair, reactive stains are the best choice. From patios to garages to basements, you can transform your concrete floors into masterpieces that will change the atmosphere of your room.

The next time you wonder, “what is a reactive concrete stain?” you’ll have the answer on hand. If you need residential concrete staining in Portland, reach out to our team at Concrete Staining. We have the finest selection of staining options, including reactive stains.

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