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The Different Types of Concrete Coatings

The Different Types of Concrete Coatings

Color, finish, and texture—the way you coat your concrete floors matters. We often overlook our floors and take them for granted, but there is so much you can do with the base of your room. Here are the different types of concrete coatings.

Chip System

One of the most popular and effective concrete coatings, the chip system is a series of layers that ensure a durable and textured surface. A chip system begins with a base layer that spreads evenly across your bare concrete. Next, professionals press a mixture of chips, or flakes, into the base layer. These flakes vary in color and size, but their primary purpose is to create a vibrant appearance and a raised surface. The chips help reduce the number of slips and falls on smooth concrete with a surface that provides more friction. Lastly, a clear top coat covers the flakes, ensuring they stay in place.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy is a unique material that people use to create functional and beautiful floors. Epoxy coatings come in all kinds of colors and patterns, but one of the most mesmerizing is the metallic finish with pigments such as copper, brass, bronze, and silver. Perfect for everything from showrooms to basements, epoxy is a smooth, high-gloss surface that will deliver the wow factor you need.

Solid Color Polyurea System

If you want a standard, long-lasting concrete coating, then a solid color polyurea system is the best choice. The polyurea system comes in various colors and works similarly to the chip system, but without the flakes. Over the bare concrete, workers apply a polyurea primer, which allows the subsequent base coat to adhere evenly. After the base coat dries, a top coat and a transparent sealing coat follow. The final finish yields a slip-resistant, textured surface perfect for commercial and residential use.

Check out each of the different types of concrete coatings to determine which one is best for your situation. The kind of concrete floor finish you choose can make a significant impact. If you need concrete floor coating in Portland, reach out to our team at Concrete Staining today!

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