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The Difference Between Concrete Stain and Paint

The Difference Between Concrete Stain and Paint

Renovating your home takes time and careful consideration, especially when it comes to your indoor and outdoor floors. Many homes have concrete driveways, patios, and basements that require a unique approach for renovation. You have dozens of color, style, and surfacing options when redesigning your concrete floor. Here is the difference between concrete stain and paint.

Concrete Paint

Concrete paint is all about covering the surface of your concrete much like you would a wall or tabletop. You apply a few layers of paint, which seep through the pores of the concrete, covering up unwanted concrete cracks or problems. Concrete paint lasts a decent time and proves resistant to chipping and peeling, as manufacturers design it for outdoor use.

Concrete Stain

Concrete staining alters the surface of the concrete without coating it entirely. Acid stain cuts deep into the concrete just past the surface and changes the chemical makeup of the flooring. This process creates a vibrant and colorful array of staining options that make every piece of concrete unique. Staining may not cover up preexisting chips and cracks in the concrete, but it does last a long time.

A Quick Comparison

The most important difference between painting and staining concrete is durability. While floor paint will hold up for some time, it can chip and peel in unwanted places. This will require maintenance to ensure the concrete retains its cosmetic value and color. On the other hand, concrete stains penetrate the concrete itself and leave permanent changes to the surface color. Staining processes also require a clear coating that seals the new concrete colors for a long time.

Knowing the difference between concrete stain and paint helps you make the best decision when renovating your home. If you need services for concrete staining in Portland, Oregon, reach out to us at Concrete Staining today.

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