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The Best Concrete Basement Floor Colors

The Best Concrete Basement Floor Colors

When you renovate or update your home, you want every room and level to shine and sparkle, including your basement. If your basement is unfinished or you already use it, there are plenty of ways to get creative with your space, starting with your floor. Here are the best concrete basement floor colors.

Ruby Red

A red floor may sound garish at first, but when you think about a dimly lit basement with a sparkling red concrete floor, you can imagine the magic. Whether you want a spectacular game room or an eye-popping theater, ruby red concrete floors are meant to charm.


Concrete floors don’t need to be dark colors. How about a vibrant blue-green for your basement? A lightly verdant blue will give you an uplifting, bright atmosphere. An acid-stained concrete floor in your basement will look welcoming and unique with a blue-green hue.

Metallic Gold

Who said all concrete floors must be solid colors—what about patterns? Metallic gold concrete floors are stunning ways to impress every guest. They offer a healthy dose of luxury and beauty, giving your space an undeniably elegant atmosphere.

Flecked Gray

Concrete floors are unique because their base layer of rock-hard concrete allows professionals to stain and layer upon a solid surface. Many homeowners want a subtle but fun basement floor. Well, flecked gray is the way to go. Over the base layer, floor professionals will lay a chip system of gray speckles. The top layer is a clear coating to keep these pieces in place and give a shiny sheen. A bonus to the flecked gray is the textured surface which is easy to walk on.

Keep the best concrete basement floor colors in mind as you plan your home renovations. If you need help choosing colors or learning about more flooring options, reach out to us at Concrete Staining today. We are one of the premier concrete floor finishing contractors in Portland with years of experience under our belt.

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