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The Advantages of Quartz Floor Coatings

The Advantages of Quartz Floor Coatings

Concrete floors aren’t all flat gray surfaces. There are plenty of ways to reshape, restructure, and redecorate concrete. That’s where fun and effective resurfacing materials like quartz come in. Here are the advantages of quartz floor coatings.

Textured and Slip-Resistant

We all know basic concrete for its slippery smooth surface. The dense, flat area can cause accidents and lead to people slipping. Textured concrete changes that narrative. Quartz epoxy floors are some of the most popular textured concrete coatings around. Its tiny quartz granules create friction that decreases safety risks. Quartz floor coatings are very slip-resistant, and they’re perfect for shower floorings or locker room surfaces. They also come in many colors, so you’re sure to find a flooring style that suits your location.

Highly Durable

Concrete surfaces are durable by nature, but they become even more so when they have coatings on top. Quartz concrete coatings are highly durable flooring options that are resistant to stains, scratches, and chips. And because quartz floor coatings come in complex, layered systems, you can trust that they’ll last a long time. This durability is critical for high-traffic areas in professional spaces. Minimize the risks of damage and slips by implementing quartz floor coatings.

Easy To Clean

Quartz floor coatings are incredibly easy to clean. Their shiny, aesthetic sheen doesn’t dim over time, and all it takes is a nice mopping to restore their glimmering glory. Quartz-coated concrete keeps liquids at the topmost layer, preventing them from seeping through the floor. Easy-to-clean floors are essential in many workplaces, like healthcare facilities and manufacturing plants, where workplace spills could pose a danger to others.

Remember the advantages of quartz floor coatings as you plan your commercial or residential remodeling. If you need professional concrete floor coating in Portland, contact us at Concrete Staining today.

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