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Signs Your Concrete Floors Need To Be Updated

Signs Your Concrete Floors Need To Be Updated

The quality of your floors deteriorates over time, ultimately leading to an update or replacement. Wood, tile, and concrete floors all need a thorough assessment to determine how close they are to repair. Here are the signs your concrete floors need to be updated.

Chipping or Cracking

Concrete is a sturdy material, but it does chip and crack over the years. Whether you drop a heavy, blunt object or the concrete ages on the edges, these chips and cracks can grow over time. These cracks may start as a nuisance, but they can quickly lead to chipping. Eventually, you could have an entire chunk of your floor missing, which is not good at all. When you notice this breakage, take action and update your concrete floor and coating.

No Longer Level

You need level floors, or else items can roll or move down subtle slopes. Considering many commercial and residential concrete floors house heavy equipment on wheels, it is critical to have a level surface. When you notice that your concrete floors are no longer flat, it is time to redo your surface. If you aren’t sure whether you have sloping concrete, try the water test. Pour water around several corners of your floor and watch how it flows. If the water stays in one place and puddles, then you know your floor is flat. If the water slowly moves down a slope to another point, then the concrete is not level.

Noticeable Discoloration

Many concrete floors have beautiful and artistic coatings that make bare concrete into something unique. These designs can fade over time, though. It’s important to watch for this discoloration, as it is often a sign of moisture underneath your coating. Aside from the aesthetic changes, you want to ensure no mold or mildew grows underneath your seal, and you have a healthy floor. When you notice discoloration, it is time to address your floors.

Remember these signs your concrete floors need to be updated as you assess your flooring. With an attentive eye, you can spot any hazardous damage before it becomes a severe issue. If you need a concrete coating service in Portland, reach out to our team at Concrete Staining today.

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