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Factors That Affect How Much Concrete Floor Coatings Cost

Factors That Affect How Much Concrete Floor Coatings Cost

When you want to treat your floor professionally, you must consider the cost. However, there are different ways various contractors arrive at their price points. Here are the main factors that affect how much concrete floor coatings cost.

Total Square Footage

The primary cost factor is square footage. Every extra foot equates to more coating materials and longer treatment times. Most floor experts price their services based on the square foot, which includes a measured cost for the necessary materials and labor to cover the entire surface. If you want to get an estimate for yourself, take a tape measure and calculate the square footage of your floor. If you need help doing so, you can consult your original blueprints or wait for a flooring expert to measure and give you a quote.

Material Choices

The materials you choose also impact concrete coating costs. A quick, clear coating will be less expensive than a multi-layer, flecked, patterned design. Each new stain or dye will require extra time to mix and incur more cost altogether. It’s okay to want an elaborate floor, but prepare yourself for the reality that some things will take extra time and money to create.

Finishing Style

The concrete finish directly impacts the total cost for your floor coating. Do you want an intricate pattern? Is your floor an odd shape? Flooring professionals are quick at their job, but they still want to do their best, so a highly detailed, complex floor design will take more time and cost more in labor. The more you want out of your floor, the more it will likely cost you.

Knowing the factors that affect how much concrete floor coatings cost can help every homeowner make the right decisions for their floors. If you need a new coating for your concrete floor, reach out to our team at Concrete Staining today. We offer some of the most competitive prices for residential concrete floor finishes in Portland.

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