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Garage Floor Coating Service in the Greater Portland Area

From epoxies to stains, Concrete Staining LLC provides garage floor coating services in the greater Portland area to those turning their garage floors into something they can proudly show off. Whether it’s is the weekend hang-out spot, the place you want to showcase your vehicles, or just a place you want to look clean and attractive, we can help. Unkept concrete floors can attract dirt, dust, and get eaten away by different contaminants like winter salts, oil from vehicles, and more. When you get your concrete floors coated with different epoxies or stains, you provide your base concrete with a protective (and more attractive) material that improves the longevity of your concrete garage floor. Plus, this material makes clean-ups and maintenance much simpler. Since any spills won’t soak into the concrete layers, you can easily wipe off the mess and keep your garage looking brand new.  

Types of Garage Floor Coating Services 


Epoxy: Providing your garage floor with an epoxy finish is a great way to add a glossy and clean finish to your concrete. This option allows you to create another layer of flooring that comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. These options make your garage floor easier to maintain and much more appealing when showcasing entertainment or events in your garage, as well as when showcasing vehicles to yourself and guests.  

Staining: Whether you’re looking to do a water-based or acid-based stain, we can turn the concrete slab in your garage into a work of art that pulls the attention of anyone who sees it. This style of garage floor coating service is cost effective while still being a great way to get rid of that dusty concrete floor and turn it into something you’ll love. Each time you enter your garage, you can marvel at the perfect stain that matches your property’s aesthetic to make your entire space feel like one continuous home. 

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