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Concrete Floor Finishing Contactors in Portland, Oregon 

We know that your garage, shop, or commercial facility has specific flooring needs. There’s no one application that fits every scenario like a glove. That’s why as  concrete floor finishing contractors, we offer a line of concrete floor coating systems for you to choose from, pairing each system’s unique attributes with your list of flooring must-haves.

There are, however, some constants that are universal to all our floor:

  • High-quality applications

  • Extreme durability and value

  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • Industry-leading warranties

  • 1-day installation time for most projects!

Ready for a closer look?

Chip Floor Finish

Our chip system is one of our most popular concrete floor coatings, primarily because of the incredible style it offers. The chip broadcast is available in a number of specific color blends, or else you can blend your own for a custom look.

Don’t be fooled by the pretty face! The chip system offers some serious functionality and benefits, too:

  • Attractive, high-gloss finish

  • Chemical resistance

  • Impact/abrasion resistance

  • Rapid curing time

  • Can withstand high-traffic and

Metallic Floor Finish

Ready to take that visual impact to the next level? A metallic floor finish is ideal for showrooms or shop floors where you need a mix of durability and serious wow factor. Boasting an almost 3-dimensional effect, the natural pigments in this coating work to create the perfect marriage of form and function.

  • Custom color options

  • Slip-resistant

  • Rapid, 24-hour curing time

  • Extreme durability

  • Chemical and

Quartz Floor Finish

Need industrial-grade strength? Our quartz floor finishes offer unparalleled durability, and the slip-resistance adds to your facility’s overall safety. At the same time, even if it’s not a top priority, the quartz finish also delivers a very attractive aesthetic.

  • Flexible, durable system

  • Extreme adhesion

  • Choice of cure rates to meet your needs

  • 24-hour install

  • Impact/abrasion resistant

  • Attractive color

Solid-Color Epoxy Floor Finish

Are you looking for a cost-effective floor coating option? For an economical system that also can withstand a lot of daily traffic and abuse, a solid epoxy floor coating is a popular option.

  • Chemical-resistant

  • 100% solids, and low-odor

  • Self-leveling and high-build

  • Numerous colors and textures are available

  • Perfect for coating large

Solid-Color Polyurea Floor Coating

Our solid-color polyurea floor finishes are a popular choice for facilities that experience frequent moisture and temperature fluctuations. Food processing, cannabis facilities, breweries, etc… The primary benefit is the thermal-shock resistance, easily withstanding extreme freeze/thaw cycles and hot/cold washes.

  • Rapid installation and cure times

  • Variety of color and texture options

  • Slip-resistant

  • Thermal shock resistant

  • Hot/cold weather durability

  • Low-maintenance

  • Easy to

Shop Floor Polyurea System

This Shop Floor Polyurea System is specifically designed for extreme durability. After all, few environments are harder on flooring than a busy shop. You need a floor that can easily withstand dropped tools, machinery traffic, foot traffic, chemical spills, and more.

  1. Slip-resistant, textured surface

  2. Extreme adhesion and durability

  3. Highest resistant to chemical and abrasion exposure

  4. Cost-effective, high-performance

Let’s Talk Concrete Floor Coatings!

Have a question about your specific floor coating needs, or environmental considerations? Contact our concrete floor finishing contractors in Portland today! 

we are only a phone call away

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