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Commercial Concrete Staining & Floor Coating in Portland, Oregon

As a business owner in the Portland area, you might struggle to make the best decision for your property when it comes to flooring. You may have an idea in your head, but what design is going to be the safest and most visually appealing to those who visit your property? That is where we come in. At Concrete Staining LLC, we strive to provide the best services to those who need commercial concrete staining and coating to provide a safe, appealing, and budget-friendly option for flooring. Rather than paying ridiculous amounts of money for sections of flooring and then paying more money for someone to come lay it, contract us for commercial concrete staining in Portland today. This allows you to keep your base concrete floor and add depth and design to it with just chemical compounds. We can also provide concrete leveling and rebuild services for those with larger issues at hand. No matter the concrete flooring issue, we are here to help you out.

Some Types of Concrete Floor Coatings and Services We Provide in Portland 


Epoxy: For those running a mechanic shop, car dealership, and other related businesses, our epoxy coating is a great way to take a floor from bland to bright. The epoxy will provide your floor with a glossy finish that looks sleek and is easy to clean.

Water- and Acid-Based Stains: Our water-based and acid-based stains allow you to take either a colored chemical compound or acid wash and pour it over your concrete floor, where it will get into the top layer and interact with the lime in your concrete and create a beautiful one-of-a-kind stain that will be unique to your property forever.

Self-Leveling: The self-leveling concrete flows all throughout the floor and filters into the uneven places, and when it settles, it gives you a perfectly level concrete floor to work on.

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