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With many years of experience, Dan understands concrete’s potential for varied textures, colors and applications that make this cost- effective material an attractive option for interiors and exteriors alike. Dan often resurfaces or custom stains concrete floors or subfloors. Many people choose concrete over new hardwood or carpeting because it’s easy to maintain and doesn’t harbor allergy-aggravating mites or dust. Dan will repair driveways or pour new ones, and install patios and walkways. More than a standard concrete contractor, Dan’s artistic eye, intelligence and know-how make him an exceptional choice for both residential and commercial projects. For Dan, no project is too challenging. “We take on difficult jobs that others won’t touch because they aren’t qualified. We are extremely proficient  Dedicated to client satisfaction, Dan enjoys the entire process. “He take time to develop ideas with my clients, so together we can make their vision happen.

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