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Concrete Coating Service

One of the more popular options in decorative concrete finishes is an acid stain or water based stain. From its artistic old world flare, to its universal appeal from an economical standpoint, more and more businesses and homeowners are turning to this as a solution for their coating of choice. For years, we have been a leader in concrete staining in Portland and the surrounding areas.

With a traditional acid stain finish we utilize metallic particles dissolved in an acid based solution, enabling us to create a multitude of dramatic effects that will turn your floor into the envy of everyone who sees it. From single color washes to multicolored layers of various earth tone hues along with different application techniques, we can produce an unlimited assortment of visually stunning finishes.

One of the only areas a traditional acid stain can be viewed as limited would be in the color options available. To date, earth tones ranging from varying shades of brown to black along with a couple of greens are all that could be achieved. Fortunately this doesn’t have to be the case anymore.


With a water based concrete staining service, it’s no longer necessary to rely upon a chemical reaction to obtain the coloring of the concrete, which in turn, takes the mystery out of the equation. We can now easily control and precisely match your color selection to any specific project. As mentioned above, another nice feature to using water based stains is the expanded color palate that’s available. All of the earth tones found in the traditional stains are available as well as grays, blues, greens and more. By using water based stains we are able to produce a dramatic look and feel to your floor whether it’s Tuscan tile you’re going for or something with a more modern flair to it.


You can also rest assured that either your acid stained floor or water based stain floor will truly be unique. That’s because the texture of the concrete, the slope of the floor, the chemical properties within the slab and the application techniques we use all play a part in how the finished floor looks. This insures no two floors will ever be completely identical.


We encourage you to call on the design team at Concrete Staining LLC to show you the possibilities for your project. For concrete coating services in Portland, contact us today!  

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